Honey For Goodness Sake

Brand Shepherd Case Study Honey For Goodness Sake COVER

Case Study Honey For Goodness Sake An urban apiarist brings honey to the masses Honey For Goodness Sake™ brand honey is grown by an apiarist from Cleveland, Ohio. Sold primarily at farmer’s markets, and small retail venues, Honey For Goodness Sake™ asked us to create a brand identity, and then create the consumer packaging for […]

Fowler’s Chocolates

Case Study Fowler’s Chocolates Premium gourmet chocolates and candies from Buffalo, New York Fowler’s Chocolates makes some of the best chocolate you’ll treat yourself to. In order to make this delicious chocolate available to organizations that sell chocolate bars for fundraising, Brand Shepherd was hired to design packaging for the new bar design in a […]

My Artisano Foods

Case Study My Artisano Foods Handcrafted artisan Latin American cheeses and veggies When you think “cheese,” you probably assume “aged,” right? Well, that’s just one way of making cheese. There’s another very tasty way to make cheese, fresh cheese, and My Artisano Foods is the brand bringing this South American way to American tastebuds.  We know how frustrating […]

colonel de gourmet herbs & spices

Case Study Colonel de gourmet herbs & spices A premium maker and seller of the stuff that makes the taste Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices is a beloved brand based in historic Ft. Thomas, Kentucky. We were tasked to make their e-commerce customer experience mirror their in-store experience, and that’s exactly what we did […]

The Colonel’s Creamery

Case Study The Colonel’s Creamery Premium Hand-Crafted Ice Cream Award-winning premium ice cream brand, The Colonel’s Creamery tapped us to craft a brand image and packaging. We took an idea that the granddaughter of the owner, Don, had and turned it into her grandpa’s premium ice cream brand identity! “The team at Brand Shepherd takes […]