The Brand Shepherd Podcast

Video Tips
for 2023

With Special Guest
Les Fultz, Founder & Producer
Valere Studios

Les is the founder of Valere Studios, a corporate video production agency in Cincinnati.

Whenever Brand Shepherd needs to know the pulse of video as a medium, or where video as content is headed, Les is the guy we call on.

A trusted peer and partner for many years, Les is a well-established expert trusted by B2B and B2C brands nationwide, and even news sources like ABC News and Fox News.

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Video became most businesses’ default media during the COVID-19 pandemic years of 2020-2021, and in 2022 video continued to dominate how both B2B and B2C consumers get valuable information when they are seeking an experience.

With that context in mind, Les Fultz joins the Brand Shepherd Podcast to talk about what he anticipates for video in 2023.

We normally do not produce dated content like this. The shelf life of this content’s relevancy is likely just 9 months, max.

Yet as we head into what should be the first full calendar year with no lockdowns within the American economy, we believe sharing this timely guidance serves our clients and listeners very well.

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