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Naming your product or brand is a task that requires a process to get the best possible results. Our naming process has created millions of dollars in equity for the brands we serve, and we would love to put it to work for you.


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Guided To The Right Name

Naming your product, brand, or process is a tedious process that we know very well. We will guide you to the right name with plenty of exploration that communicates value to your customers

Due Diligence

A new name is only great if it's ownable, and we provide a lot of due diligence on the names we suggest so that when you work with your IP legal team, you are not starting from scratch.


Your product and brand names need to connect with your customers, not your team. We see it as our duty to keep the naming process focused on the customer at all times.

“Can’t recommend enough partnering with Brand Shepherd and Daniel when tackling what your brand means to the World. Daniel and his team led us on a journey of discovery and awareness while creating our brand, one valuable step at a time, until it was perfect. Looking forward to the next project together!!”

Scott Kobryn • Owner • Wild Fire 4-in-1

Guiding Your Brand To Greatness​

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Wild Innovation Disrupts Outdoor Cooking

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Brand Shepherd Grow Guide Protect Products

A go-to-market strategy results in a go-to-market tragedy when it isn’t driven by the customer experience.

Yet, all too often, brands struggle through a long, wasteful go-to-market strategy to get products to their people.

Brand Shepherd’s way is not like that.

We are obsessed with how your products are experienced by your customers, and why that matters.

By approaching your brand from the value of how your products are experienced by your customers, we guide brands to greatness.

Let’s guide your brand to greatness together.

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Guiding Your Brand To Greatness

Let’s Guide Your Brand To Greatness​


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Guiding Your Brand To Greatness