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Jake the Border Collie. 2001–2018.
Rest In Peace, good boy.

The idea of shepherding a brand was inspired by a dear member of our family: Jake the Border Collie.

He loved structure, herding our kids, and whatever else we needed him to help get in order.

We had an idea of Jake helping brands herd their products: Jake was strategizing, getting the brand’s needs into order. He kept a brand strong and healthy by growing, guiding, and protecting.

This is how we see our role at Brand Shepherd.

We don’t see brands as dumb sheep in need of a shepherd. We see brands as having products that have users and customers who need to guidance, growth, and protection that makes them thrive.

We are brand shepherds.

Why Work With Brand Shepherd?

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A go-to-market strategy results in a go-to-market tragedy when it isn’t driven by the customer experience.

Yet, all too often, brands struggle through a long, wasteful go-to-market strategy to get products to their people.

Brand Shepherd’s way is not like that.

We are obsessed with how your products are experienced by your customers, and why that matters.

By approaching your brand from the value of how your products are experienced by your customers, we guide brands to greatness.

Let’s guide your brand to greatness together.

Meet The Brand Shepherds

brand shepherd andrea crask

Andrea Crask

Owner + CFO

brand shepherd john l marshall

John Marshall

Lead Creative

brand shepherd david navarro

David Navarro

digital design lead

The 4 Guideposts of Brand Shepherd

Every shepherd has guideposts that are trusted from years of faithful use. We have four such guideposts:

brand shepherd icon HUMILITY


Humility guides the way we approach people and our work. We get to do what we do. We get to work with the people we do.

brand shepherd icon EFFICIENCY


Efficiency is in our every detail. How we ideate, create, plan, and execute is done in a way that has no pretense.

brand shepherd icon QUALITY


Quality converts. Quality grows. And quality knows quality. We don’t chase awards or look-at-us altruism. We chase, produce, hire and work with quality.

brand shepherd icon LONGEVITY


We are in this for the long haul. Longevity means we humbly, efficiently create quality work that proves successful for the brands we get to work with.

We Believe

Quality > Speed

Some creative agencies embrace arbitrary next-day delivery expectations. We are not that type of agency. Quality takes time. The cool thing about quality is, “Quality knows quality.”



Health > Work

We are careful to not set our clients or ourselves up for project timing that will jeopardize the time needed for parenting, mental health, or one’s personal wellbeing. We work hard and efficiently through the workweek, but we do not work on weekends, holidays, or into the night. We encourage our team to take Mental Health Days off and generally try to be very realistic about how work impacts the overall health and wellbeing of everyone involved.

ROI > Awards

The only success that matters to us is the success of our clients: Conversions, ROI, and Growth. Let’s put it this way: When creatives give awards to fellow creatives for being creative, does that matter to the growth of your brand? No. So it doesn’t matter to us either.



Competence > HiPPO

Competence rules and those with whom we work best know their strengths and weaknesses and have hired us for our expertise. We are not hired to be told what to do by a HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion). We are engaged in guiding brands to greatness because our quality reputation speaks for our competence.

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Guiding Your Brand To Greatness​

Owner & CFO

Andrea Crask

Both Brand Shepherd and the brands we serve are at their best when we do business with transparency and by being reasonable. 

My goal is to make the financial side of working with Brand Shepherd is as fluid and as accommodating as possible. 

I look for and implement wins for all whenever possible.

God has blessed me and my husband with four children, a couple of dogs, a cat, and a small flock of chickens.

Brand Shepherd is part of a great life and I love working with the people we get to work with.

Brand Strategist

Daniel Crask

I believe successful brands and products thrive when they give their customers a 360º experience that provides empathy, authority, and value.

As Brand Strategist for Brand Shepherd, I get to work with people who love products that make life better and being part of that process has thrilled me for many years. 

In addition to Brand Shepherd, I am also a volunteer mentor for these wonderful orgs:


With CPG, speed-t0-market is the fruit of a smart go-to-market strategy and so my working style is grounded on efficiency. I don’t waste others’ time and I try to always think of ways to produce quality work in the shortest amount of time. 

God has blessed me with four children and my wife, Andrea. We live an abundant life in East Tennessee in a 100+-year-old farmhouse that was home to livestock ranchers for most of that time. In other words, in the home of a shepherd. It was meant to be.

As a former morbidly obese man turned fit guy, I take health very seriously and lead the Brand Shepherd team to approach our work in ways that do not harm our physical, mental, or spiritual health.

When we work together, you will find me to be a great listener and someone who is fiercely loyal to your brand and goals.

Digital Design Lead

David Navarro

“Seeing brands grow and mature following our process is the most exciting aspect for me. Setting up guidelines and rigor can actually unlock great creativity.

“Our team at Brand Shepherd are all top-notch folks, professionally and personally. We are all guided by similar principles, helping brands resonate with their audience.

“How do we build trust? For brands we work with, it’s candid and honest communication. For users, it’s listening with passion.

“Brands succeed when they articulate why they do what they do in just a few words. That clarity is when the fun begins.”