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Jake the Border Collie. 2001–2018.
Rest In Peace, good boy.

The idea of shepherding a brand was inspired by a dear member of our family: Jake the Border Collie.

He loved structure, herding our kids, and whatever else we needed him to help get in order.

We had an idea of Jake helping brands herd their creative assets: Jake was strategizing, getting the brand’s needs into order.

He kept the brand strong and healthy by guiding, growing, and protecting it.

This is how we see our role at Brand Shepherd.

We see brands that have specific ideal customers. Brands that need guidance, growth, and protection to make them thrive.

That is what a Brand Shepherd does.

Why Work With Brand Shepherd?

Brands Served
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Over 300 Products Launched

We are obsessed with how your brand is experienced by your customers, and why that matters.

The creative services we provide 

By approaching your brand from the value of how it is experienced by your customers, we guide, grow, and protect the brands we serve.

Meet The Leaders

Daniel Crask

Brand Experience Strategist

John Marshall

Lead Creative

David Navarro

digital design lead

The 4 Guideposts of Brand Shepherd

The 4 Guideposts of Brand Shepherd refer to four important principles that businesses or individuals can use to establish and manage their brand effectively.

These principles assume defining your brand’s values, developing a clear brand message, creating a visual identity that reflects your brand, and consistently delivering your brand promise are in everything we do.

By following the guideposts below, businesses can ensure that their brand is memorable, authentic, and trustworthy.

Brand Shepherd emphasizes that managing a brand is not a one-time effort but a continual process, requiring constant attention and improvement to stay relevant and competitive over time.


Humility guides the way we approach people and our work. We get to do what we do. We get to work with the people we do.


Efficiency is in our every detail. How we ideate, create, plan, and execute is done in a way that has no pretense.


Quality converts. Quality grows. And quality knows quality. We don’t chase awards or look-at-us altruism. We chase, produce, hire and work with quality.


We are in this for the long haul. Longevity means we humbly, efficiently create quality work that proves successful for the brands we get to work with.

Let’s Guide, Grow, & Protect Your Brand

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Brand Experience Strategist

Dan Crask

I believe successful brands thrive when they give their customers an experience that provides empathy, authority, and value.

As Brand Experience Strategist for Brand Shepherd, I get to work with people who love brands that make life better, and being part of that process has thrilled me for many years. 

In addition to Brand Shepherd, I am also a volunteer mentor for these wonderful orgs:


I founded Brand Shepherd in 2006 while living and working in Cincinnati. Combined with my roots in the Chicagoland home area, Brand Shepherd has grown beyond my hopes and dreams. In 2019, we relocated to rural East Tennessee, where I now call home.

God has blessed me with a big family. We live an abundant life in East Tennessee in a 100+ year old farmhouse that was home to livestock farmers for most of that time. In other words, I live in the home of a shepherd. It was meant to be.

When we work together, you will find me to be an avid listener and someone who is fiercely loyal to your brand and goals.

Digital Design Lead

David Navarro

“Seeing brands grow and mature following our process is the most exciting aspect for me. Setting up guidelines and rigor can actually unlock great creativity.

“Our team at Brand Shepherd are all top-notch folks, professionally and personally. We are all guided by similar principles, helping brands resonate with their audience.

“How do we build trust? For brands we work with, it’s candid and honest communication. For users, it’s listening with passion.

“Brands succeed when they articulate why they do what they do in just a few words. That clarity is when the fun begins.”