Our Approach

Brand Shepherd focuses on two core areas: Brand guidance and brand design. Guidance is at the center of our name. There is no shortage of great design talent available for hire, but without a “shepherd,” even the best design fails to persuade. We love to design consumer packaging, mobile-minded web experiences, identities, and many other marketing tools.

By pairing brand guidance with smart, informed brand design, our clients enjoy success across all their story-telling touch points.

Our Inspiration: Jake The Border Collie

Jake, our border collie.

The idea of ‘shepherding’ a brand was inspired by a dear member of our family. He loves structure, herding sheep (or kids) and whatever else we aim to get in order.

We had a picture in our head of Jake herding brand assets instead of sheep: Jake was moving around, getting logos, web sites, packaging, print, etc. into cohesive, consistent order instead of being scattered everywhere.

Some assets were totally lost, some were underfed, and some were just old and no longer agile.

But soon enough Jake had all the assets back in order, and they were all well cared for, bleating in harmony, and all was well with the flock.

This is how we see our role at Brand Shepherd.

We’re more than a design agency – we are brand shepherds.  Let’s talk.

Our Interests

Use our social media feeds to get to know us. Monday through Friday (and the occasional Saturday) you will see at least one post on our social feeds related to branding. This is our public list of bookmarks to give you access to what we see as good-to-know and need-to-know information. Please consider following us.