Using our proprietary process, Pastura™, we develop the Vibe, Tribe & Why of your brand and products.

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Successful brands take the time and effort to develop themselves. Our brand development process called Pastura™ is a process  that has led many brands to get their products to their people. We discover who your people are, what draws them, and why your products are so valuable to them.


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The Pastura process clearly sets the Vibe for your brand. We specifically determine your brand's and product's Vibe: what it looks, feels, and sounds like in all the ways that are attractive to your people.

Meet and Serve Your products' people

We get to know specifically who your products' people are, the Tribe. They are the hero who your brand guides, and we use a mix of our own processes and StoryBrand® to meet and serve your people's wants and needs.

Connect Emotionally

Tying everything together, Pastura elevates Why your brand exists (the problem it solves), capturing the emotional connections your brand has with its people.

“I have worked with Brand Shepherd since 2010 and have never had anything less than an extraordinary experience. Dan and his team are phenomenal. I will never work with anyone else when it comes to branding!”

Adam Markesbery • Serial Entrepreneur

Your People Need Your Products!

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We know how frustrating it is to struggle through a long, wasteful go-to-market strategy for products.

We know how it feels to have a product you know people will love, yet getting it to them is a struggle.

It’s a process filled with endless paths that easily waste time and effort.

We know how hard it is to get products to the people.

There is a better way to get your products to your people.

Join successful brands who let us guide their products to their people.

Let us take you there.

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Your People Need Your Products!

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Your People Need Your Products!