Brand Shepherd provides clarity for your brand so it reaches its ideal, most profitable customers.


Before creative services are enacted, smart brands take time to develop their strategy so that the brand is guided intentionally and consistently. We believe in guiding brands to greatness through a diligent process so that when we get to the creative services, we know where we’re going.


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We use a business development process developed by our founder, Dan Crask, called Vibe, Tribe, & Why™. The product of this process is a Brand Experience Guide that equips brands with actionable assessment of their best-fit customers (Tribe), who the brand is now and aspires to be (Vibe), and the emotional connective tissue that ties brand and customer together (Why). The bottom line is that brands gain clarity from working with Brand Shepherd.

Meet and Serve Your Brand's people

We get to know specifically who your brand's people are, the Tribe. They are the hero who your brand guides, and we use a mix of our own processes to meet and serve your people's wants and needs.

Connect Emotionally

Tying everything together, Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ elevates Why your brand exists (the problem it solves), capturing the emotional connections your brand has with its people.

“I have worked with Brand Shepherd since 2010 and have never had anything less than an extraordinary experience. Dan and his team are phenomenal. I will never work with anyone else when it comes to branding!”

Adam Markesbery • Serial Entrepreneur

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