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No Allergies

Energy Bars For Everyone.

The rise in food allergies is exponential across the USA, and food brands have had to pivot with ingredients and variety. That’s why startups have an advantage: They can start from reading the room as it is and create specific products for specific people. The No Allergies Bars were exactly that product: An energy bar with absolutely none of the Top 8 food allergens!

“Brand Shepherd does an amazing job! I highly recommend them… unless you’re going to take all their time because I don’t want to lose them from my team. Whatever you need they get it done. From 20 ft backdrops to my granola bar packaging they take my ideas and turn them into a reality! Truly awesome!”

Amos Bartlett • Founder • Know Allergies Food Co.


Brand Refreshes To Pivot The Products For The Market


Of Bars Sold To People Who Need An Allergen-Free Energy Bar


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