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Every brand needs a shepherd...

To Guide, Grow, and Protect Its Experience.

Brand Shepherd is a brand experience agency, meaning, while Brand Development is our broad expertise, our work is about crafting how your brand will be experienced.

Whether it is simply developing the brand, creating a brand identity, building a website, crafting product packaging, wireframing an app, or laying out literature, we are using our Vibe, Tribe, and Why™ approach to give your brand’s Tribe positive, memorable experiences.

A full suite of capabilities is available to help you resonate with your audience, all without vendor hopping.

Brand Development

We develop the vibe, tribe, and why of your brand.

Product Packaging

Packaging that's ready for the digital and physical shelf.

Website & UX/UI Design

Experiences that convert on any screen, for websites and apps.

Brand Identity Systems

It's more than a logo. We create your brand's visual identity.

Brand Naming

What's in a name? Well, everything.

A/V Production

What does your brand actually sound like in audio and video?

Capability-led and industry-focused.

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We didn’t build Brand Shepherd ourselves. With the long-term trust of our clients, we have shepherded brands since 2006.

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