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The job of marketing is to get the best fit, ideal customers to the brand.


Having a fully developed brand is great! But it’s just the beginning: Customers need engagement, and that’s where marketing comes in. Social feeds, email, SMS (even print *gasp*) — where do your people want to hear from you? How often? Let’s get to work.


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The Right Media

Getting your customer's attention could be in a variety of media. Social, audio, video, even…gasp…print – they are all viable ways to make your products known and compel customers to take action.

Stop The Scroll

One of your product's marketing entry points is likely on a social media feed, and we know that the sole purpose of effective creative is to stop the scroll. Grab attention and guide the customer to where they can buy.

Built For Testing

Your products' marketing has the right media and stops the scroll, and now the sale happens. To create the highest conversions, testing different approaches is best and so we build landing pages for testing in order to get the best customer experience.

“Our internet sales are growing exponentially. Part of that is due to the pandemic but it is also due to our amazing, easy-to-use website. In 2020, our May orders were over 725% larger than the orders from May 2019.”

Susan Stewart • Owner • Colonel De's Gourmet Herbs & Spices

Marketing Services
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