experience better.

Shepx is a new website-focused spinoff from Brand Shepherd.

What is shepx?

shepx is Brand Shepherd reimagined for service brands and how those service brands are experienced, specifically on their website.

See, Brand Shepherd is all about strategy + creative services for brands that make products.

Yet due to referrals, we’ve always had brands that offer services that ask us to work with them and we are not keen to turn away business!

we believe that brands that make products and brands that offer services have particular needs:

  • With product brands, we drive everything to a customer experiencing a product.

  • With service brands, the experience begins at the website.


There’s a lot of pressure on the website to be better than anything out there!

There’s also a mandate for the website creation process to be better than it’s been before. 

We have created such a process. shepx gives customers a better brand experience and gives brands a better creation experience.

This is why the rallying call of shepx is: experience better.