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Product Packaging for CPG is a vital factor in the buying decision. It is critical that your product’s packaging appeal to the specific people you know will benefit from and love your products. Our process of creating such packaging is time-tested and effective across many industries.


Product Packaging Created


Average ROI From New Packaging

5 Years

Avg Shelf Life Before New Packaging Is Needed

Speed To Market

You need your products on shelves as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality. That is exactly what we do for the brands we work with.

Efficiency In Every Step

Your products are connected to a much wider web of activity that includes multichannel (or omnichannel) brand experiences. We understand this and create with the bigger picture in mind so that the assets used for product packaging can also easily be used for your website, marketing, and video branding.

Mastery of the Creative & Technical

Your products not only need the best creative minds working for them, but the creativity has to work in all of the technical settings: On-shelf, on-press, on-screen, and most importantly, in-hand. We are masters of the creative and technical for products.

“They are amazing!! They really strive to make you feel like a part of the team. Brand Shepherd really listens, recommends design with wonderful attention to detail, and works to create a product that you will love! From the initial conversation up to our last proofing, they have been so helpful and wonderful to work with. They were timely, organized, and collaborative. It is so refreshing to work with a team that is so effective. We would recommend them to anyone and everyone! We will absolutely be working with them again in the future!”

Aaron Halik • Owner • Trimyxs

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Brands that lack clarity about their customers’ Tribe, Vibe, and Why fail to connect with the people they were designed to serve.

Go-to-market plans fizzle, websites lack conversions, and brand regrowth stalls – all because brands can’t start effective conversations with the people they want to reach.

This is why we created our Pastura Framework.

By honing the information you already know about yourself into insights you can use immediately, Pastura will quickly help your brand gain clarity about its Tribe, Vibe, and Why, so you can reach the people who share your brand’s values.

Our Pastura Framework takes what already makes your brand unique and shepherds it to greatness – and that greatness comes from clarity.

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