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Your brand's website is where customers often first experience you brand. Web best practices are rapidly changing and we ensure your brand is provides the best experience.


Sales and marketing tactics’ job is to send people to the brand, and most often, it’s the website where people first experience your brand. Your brand’s website should give people clear best practices for the absolute best experience. Whether it’s purely an informational website or a full-blown e-commerce platform, we create exceptional web experiences.


Total Websites Designed & Developed Since 2006


Avg. Build Time:
12 Weeks

5 Years

Avg. Time Before A New Website Is Needed


When your customers shop for your products, the current data tells us they likely are doing so on a mobile device. That is why we approach e-commerce websites with a mobile-first mindset. We create for the mobile experience first, and work backward to the desktop experience.

Assets For Multichannel

A common frustration with digital-only agencies is that their work looks great on a screen and nowhere else. You will not have that frustration from us. We create assets for multichannel brand experiences, and we work in nearly all of them for your products.

Speed To Market

You need your brand in front of your customers as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality. That is exactly what we do for the brands we work with.

“I have never worked with a design team that is so good at listening…so intuitive about your needs…so concerned with absolute excellence! Your website, your packaging, your branding…it’s all who you are…and we trust who we are to Brand Shepherd!”

Cindy Lukacevic • Founder • Dinovite

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