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Around the home or in the flower beds is where many people find their daily joys.

It's where family and food are grown with love

Brands in the Home & Garden category must lean hard on strong emotional connections to their people. These brands are what people use to make their house a home and their land a grocery store. Knowing just the right tone is key to getting these products to their people.


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“Dan and team are the kind of partners your company can depend on for quality. It’s refreshing to work with a team that is creative, collaborative, and extremely effective. The Brand Shepherd team takes ideas from your initial conversations and runs with them, coming back with quality execution – for us, this was logo development, branding, website/packaging design, and aiding in the website launch. Highly recommended.”

Danny Cepeda • PureGro USA

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Our diligent approach to creative services is a thoughtful, personal approach that has zero hype, a track record of results, powered by a Midwest work ethic.

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