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Vibe, Tribe, & Why

Creative Services without a strategy is to set a brand wandering aimlessly.

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Having learned the best practices of brand and product development from brands like P&G, Bosch Tools, and J&J, we created a proprietary process for Brand Shepherd brand partners: The Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ Process.

We apply the Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ process to everything we create because it gets business development, brand development, marketing, and leadership focused on what matters most: The customer.

The components of the Process are easy to understand. High-performing brands define and embrace their Vibe, Tribe, and Why:

  • What kind of vibe does the brand create through its words, imagery, and value?
  • Who are the specific people who make up the brand’s tribe that it belongs to and appeals to?
  • What challenge or opportunity does the brand or product exist to solve? That is why it exists.


Out of the Process your brand gets its proprietary Brand Experience Guide that can be put to immediate use across all parts of the brand, for all of its products.

Take a look at the highlights of each part below.

Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ is the same process formerly known as Pastura.

The Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ Process


The Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ Process


The Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ Process


What You Get from the Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ Process: The Brand Experience Guide.

  • A comprehensive and immediately practical Brand Experience Guide.
  • Clarity about your brand’s specific people, its tribe.
    Confidence in your brand’s vibe.
  • Emotional connection cues that your brand and your people share.
  • Your brand’s story is told succinctly and truthfully.
  • A Brand Experience Guide that your entire team can immediately use to create content for all parts of your brand.

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