The Brand Shepherd Podcast

AgLaunch: Agriculture Startups

With Special Guest
Lilly Tench,
Entrepreneurial Programs Lead at AgLaunch

Lilly believes in using innovation to address the world’s most pressing problems. She has worked with institutions around the world to build sustainability education and engagement programs and has supported innovators and entrepreneurs across the country. She was previously a Program Manager at Columbia University Technology Ventures and was a member of the startup team and Director of Membership at New Lab. Lilly has a BA from Berea College and an MBA and MS in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics from the University of Tennessee. She currently works with the Entrepreneurship team at AgLaunch to support the agtech entrepreneurs that will lead us into a more sustainable and equitable future of agriculture.

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Agriculture, as an industry, is experiencing the most radical transformation, disruption, and innovation of any industry out there right now – and has been doing so for several years.

Agriculture is our food supply, but it is much more than that. It impacts our planet’s soil, water, and air. A massive number of jobs are directly and indirectly involved with Agriculture (Ag). Our health is impacted by Ag, due to what products are used to grow food, and so Ag has a big role in public health and healthcare itself.

The scope is sweeping and the stakes could not be higher.

Everyone involved wants what’s best for Ag, including the people behind an org like AgLaunch.

AgLaunch is “bringing startup culture to agriculture” by drawing smart, innovative people with Ag business ideas to help them get to work.

In this episode of the Brand Shepherd Podcast, Lilly Tench is our guest. She is the Entrepreneurial Programs Lead and does a masterful job of making AgLaunch’s work digestible and informative, no matter if you’re a seasoned Ag pro or just learning of what’s happening right now.

Brand Shepherd’s managing partner, Daniel Crask, is also part of AgLaunch’s Mentor Network, and so we are on the frontlines alongside these very exciting Ag startups, helping them develop their brands and products. This compliments our years of Ag brand work.

If you have an Ag startup idea and want to learn about AgLaunch’s accelerator programming, please contact them today.

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