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5 Ways To Get The Best Work From Your Creative Team

Part 5: Love It or Leave It

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by Daniel Crask, Brand Strategist at Brand Shepherd 

No matter what, at the end of the product project, you have to love what is created.

Maybe “love” is too strong a word. You need to believe in the final thing that is created.

The creative team is there to bring ideas to life and to solve problems. A competent, mature creative team will offer their recommendations throughout the process.

Yet, at the end of the process, you need to believe in what has been created. If you don’t believe in it, you will start using something that doesn’t have your full buy-in, and your customers will smell it a mile away.

Solution: Before you make a final decision on approving that which your creative team has created, take at least a day, preferably longer, to sleep on it, and be sure you believe in it. This is aided by taking good notes during the process so you can instantly revisit why the process yielded what it did.

Example: “We’ve done great work together. Now, I just need a day or two before we consider it final. I want to be 100% our brand believes in this new direction.”

Important note: we’re not looking for a purely emotional response here. Believing in the creative direction is more than that. It’s a knowing, a gut sense that it’s the right call. If you’re a data-driven person, this will drive you nuts because this advice is the X-factor that a lot of successful entrepreneurs use in everything they do.

Wrap Up

We created this series to help people who hire creative teams to get the best work from them. As Creative Director for Brand Shepherd, everything I, Daniel, wrote and said in this series is what I put to use every day.

Consider working with a creative team that knows and works with the guidance in this series. Contact us today – let’s talk about getting your products to your people!

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