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Ice Cream Branding Requires A Premium Touch

When honorary Kentucky Colonel, Don Lambert, and I (Dan) met over coffee a few years back, he ended the meeting with a “by the way” statement. He said he was considering making his award-winning ice cream hobby an actual brand with a retail store, and wanted to run a couple names by me. When he said “The Colonel’s Creamery,” I smiled and nearly begged him to use that name. It had a classic vibe to it, and myriad directions for the branding to be successful.

Months later, Don kindly hired Brand Shepherd to help get The Colonel’s Creamery’s visual branding off the ground.

We began with developing the brand identity, and a few ideas were created, each one a lot of fun to create. But then he asked if we would consider entertaining an idea his young granddaughter created – she thought it would be so cool if she could make her grandpa’s logo. We were delighted to give it a go because this girl had some very nice design principles in place within her design idea! Take a look:

Colonel's Creamery granddaughter

Using a scoop of ice cream mascot from another concept, along with some beautifully crafted typography, together we made a final brand identity that had all the classic ice cream motifs, perfect for this classic, yet premium, brand of ice cream.

ice cream branding


Ice Cream Is A Premium Product Too

ice cream product brandingOnce the brand identity was created, we set our attention on creating packaging for pints of The Colonel’s Creamery premium ice cream. We started with labels for blank pints, but as sales increased it made more sense to have the pint structures printed.

Throughout the design process we wanted to keep the brand aesthetic consistent and simple, yet lean on the fun of ice cream so that when the pints were stacked, they had stopping power and left an impression while being enjoyed at home.

When we think of a “premium product,” ice cream might not come immediately to mind, yet The Colonel’s Creamery has all the attributes and brand promises of any premium product out there. It is our pleasure to help this brand come to life. It’s also quite a treat to enjoy the ice cream!

Can we help your product, too? Let us know – we would love to talk about your brand.