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Innate is a brand that believes “health is balance within,” and to bring about that balance, it creates and sells a line of products, starting with their Balancing Body Oils. The idea behind Innate is the 5 Elements Acupuncture approach used by co-founder, Gigi Klimick. By bringing the 5 Element approach to a line of products, Innate aims to help people bring about balance in their lives.

Brand Shepherd collaborated with Innate on the entire branding strategy and execution of the strategy. We began with the Innate identity, which brings in the 5 elements as circles. Using that identity, we then call out each element by its color as a circle within the sum of circles. From the colors and circles we created the product packaging branding, and out of that a web experience for the brand that is ready for any device.

With the branding and touch points thoroughly thought out, Innate is ready for the growth it surely has coming.