ExcelAg Corp, USA, and their sub-brand Grow Seven, make products for soil and seed to help life grow more: Agriculture, home & garden, facility management, landscaping, golf courses, you name it. If it grows in soil, they likely make a product to help it grow more bountifully.

The ExcelAg Digital Experience

The website we created is a refresh of a website that had been up for a while, but it was not built on something that ExcelAg could easily add content to.

We rebuilt the entire digital experience on WordPress, baked in all sorts of back-end goodies to help ExcelAg measure the success of pages, including a better call to action for products and lead generation. We then translated key parts of the website into Spanish (more to come) since a large part of their customer base is in Latin America.

Consider visiting their website: ExcelAg.com


We also collaborated with ExcelAg on the creation of an intro corporate video in both English and Spanish languages.

Together with ExcelAg, we wrote and edited the script, researched and pieced together just the right footage, and then auditioned, hired, and coached the perfect voice over talent during 2 different recording sessions.

The final results are videos that tell ExcelAg’s brand story – what their mission is, and what drives their on-going product innovations.

La version en español del video comunica el mismo mensaje correspondiente a la marca ExcelAg, en el idioma que aplica a muchos de sus consumidores.


The ExcelAg Brand Family

ExcelAg is the parent brand of several additional brands. As part of our relationship, we serve all of the brands’ visual branding and marketing needs. Consider what we do for ExcelAg and their family of brands: