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PR Power for Products

With Special Guest
Julie Simon, Senior VP at Orca PR

Julie Simon brings 10 plus years of experience in television news.

Her love of Public Relations stems from a knack for knowing what makes a company’s product, service, or founder newsworthy. She has impeccable contacts in the media sphere.

Catering to the “Shark Tank Demographic,” she helps lead Orca PR, which is an agency known as America’s PR Firm for Inventors & Entrepreneurs. 

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What comes to mind when you hear about PR?

You know, Public Relations. What is your vibe check on the role of PR in today’s landscape of brand marketing options?

Whatever you thought, this episode of the Brand Shepherd Podcast will be super informative because we get to hear from Julie Simon, Senior VP with Orca PR.

What makes this even better is Orca PR is all about product people!

As “America’s PR Firm for Inventors and Entrepreneurs,” Orca is constantly at work for that “Shark Tank” demographic, the product inventors and entrepreneurs we love to hear about – and Brand Shepherd loves to work with.

So this is a natural fit and we took our sweet time covering a lot of ground about the power of PR for products.

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