Wild Berry Incense

  • What They Do: For over 30 years, Wild Berry Incense has created premium, hand-dipped incense for fragrance lovers worldwide.

Happy Home Incense by Wild Berry

Happy Home Incense™ is a brand of hand-crafted incense made by Oxford, Ohio-based Wild Berry Incense, and sold in Walmart nationwide. For this iteration of the Happy Home Incense branding we scrapped the previous branding which was more illustration-based, and opted to create a beautiful product photo to be used on all of the packages. We worked with one of Cincinnati’s best product photographers to capture the brand essence and mood of the product, then set out to create the different SKUs to be sold at Walmart. We collaborated with Wild Berry, as well as with input from Walmart, to create a really nice set of package designs that were then printed, packed, and began selling nationwide.

Wild Berry Incense

Wild Berry Incense is the maker of premium hand-crafted incense, and is based out of Oxford, Ohio. Their incense sticks are normally sold in their trademark jars on a tiered POP, with the sticks exposed to air so that where ever they are sold customers know that Wild Berry Incense is for sale – it’s branding through the nose! However in some cases Wild Berry Incense is sold in pre-packaged sleeves of 15 sticks. After having crafted the Walmart® exclusive Happy Home Incense packaging for Wild Berry, Brand Shepherd was hired to create a line of packaging that could have a cozy look and feel while leaving room for versioning. Brand Shepherd set out to design a master SKU that met these criteria, and then we art directed a photo shoot for the face panel hero shot. Once everything came together we then worked on the 24 different fragrances/SKUs that made up the pre-pack line from Wild Berry. The end result is a family of products that look incredible on shelf. Each variation stays true to the family brand aesthetic, but also has its own area atop each sleeve to instantly communicate to the customer what the fragrance is. The folks at Wild Berry Incense couldn’t happier with the results, and neither could we.

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