PureGro™ USA by Grow Seven is an organic home and garden products brand. It is the sibling brand of longtime Brand Shepherd client, Grow Seven. With years of proven products to grow acres of crops in an agricultural setting, PureGro was established to offer some of those proven products to the home owner for their property and garden.

Brand Discovery, Development, and Identity

We began by defining who PureGro would likely be talking to. Since it is a fresh face, this is educated guessing, yet we have to start with personas in mind so that we can then know how to talk and show ads to. Through research, we developed several buyer personas that would likely have a strong interest in PureGro. We then identified the reasons they would believe in PureGro, and by what benefits they would likely become loyal customers.

From there, we created several options of a PureGro brand identity, as well as options for a tagline. From those options, we refined it to what is presented, along with the tagline “LOVE YOUR GROWTH.”

Product Packaging

Leaning on the years of experience from Grow Seven, PureGro was easily able to divide the initial product lineup into logical groups. Product naming was then applied, and a series of products needed great packaging.

Using what we learned from the discovery and development phase of the brand, we created packaging for RTU (ready to use) and Concentrate bottles for each product. The packaging is totally appropriate for its audience, and communicates PureGro’s uniqueness in the category.


While products were produced and bottles fulfilled, we were designing a great website for PureGro. Like so many brands today, PureGro follows the DTC + Amazon model, and we chose Shopify as our platform for web development.

Through a series of revisions and maintaining the brand we were developing, we created a website that looks and functions so fluidly on mobile, tablet, and traditional computers.

Marketing To Buyers

We then created a series of marketing materials for retail buyers (not shoppers) who would consider carrying the PureGro lineup in their stores. Retailers big and small were considered, and we created a pitch deck that PureGro could customize on the fly, yet stand on-brand.

Trade shows are a big opportunity to get the attention of a lot of potential buyers, so we created a PureGro trade show booth that was simple and did not over-sell the PureGro brand.

Marketing To Shoppers

Telling the PureGro story to shoppers was conducted at the same time, and here we designed ads for Facebook, as well as digital display ads and content for Pinterest pins and Instagram posts.

More To Come

On our radar is video and audio for PureGro, plus continuing our efforts to tell talk with shoppers and retail buyers alike. Come back to this page periodically to see how we’re helping PureGro is grow.

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Packaging Design & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Sales Literature & Advertising
  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Apparel Branding Guidance
  • Social Media Assets

“Dan and team are the kind of partners your company can depend on for quality. It’s refreshing to work with a team that is creative, collaborative, and extremely effective. The Brand Shepherd team takes ideas from your initial conversations and runs with them, coming back with quality execution – for us, this was logo development, branding, website / packaging design, and aiding in the website launch. Highly recommended.”

– Danny Cepeda, PureGro

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