• Client: Petbrosia
  • What They Did: Petbrosia created customized blends of food for dogs and cats based on each pet’s breed, age, and weight. We helped bring this idea to life

We will look back on these days as an era of startups where entrepreneurs brought together digital technologies with tangible goods to improve lives. is one of the pioneers in this era as they use a web-based technology to craft a customized blend of food that improves the lives of dogs and cats.

Founded by a former P&G brand manager, brings a wealth of knowledge about pet nutrition to this unique product. We have been helping bring their story, their core value propositions, and their product benefits to life in myriad ways.

Brand Identity

As a pet food in the “super premium” category, sought to communicate an authority on pet nutrition since they use their patent-pending algorithm to formulate custom blends of food for each pet. Brand Shepherd worked with’s founder from the ground up by utilizing store visits, category research, and explorations on type and color treatments to really help the brand stand out.

The brand identity we crafted hits the mark in terms of what needed to instantly and visually tell their story. The identity and brand use guide book we created were then used by’s partner for their website creation to set the tone of what that website would look and feel like.

Meeting The Many Needs Of A Startup

After the brand identity was created, graciously allowed us to do what we do best: shepherd the brand as much as possible. Working side-by-side with’s team, we have created consumer packaging, print sales and marketing literature – both for in-packaging and on-display uses, direct mail, iconography, print and web display ads, handout cards, social media branding, trade show booth graphics, and more. It’s a list of work that is on-going, and it’s exciting to work with such talented people on an innovative brand like this.

The End

In June of 2015 Petbrosia concluded their relationship with us after new hires were made within the startup. Shortly after our departure, they re-branded, re-shaped their brand voice, and launched all new branding focusing on that which we believed was wrong for Petbrosia’s brand equity. Four months later, Petbrosia ceased operations.

We are thrilled to have been part of the original Petbrosia team and story. It was an exceptional brand and will be missed by many dogs, cats, and their caretakers.

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Packaging Design & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Video Production
  • Sales Literature & Advertising
  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Apparel Branding Guidance
  • Social Media Assets

“Brand Shepherd created the brand elements and comprehensive equity for Petbrosia. Having worked with what is considered the top branding agencies in the world, I was amazed at how they delivered such superb work at a small fraction of the cost of others. Brand Shepherd delivered branding-from-scratch designed with a ‘web and mobile first’ mindset, comprehensive equity guidelines, and thoughts of how the brand could come to life across marketing collateral. They kept a real-time collaborative work style (no ‘shows’) and delivered to a super-tight schedule. Brand Shepherd empowered Petbrosia to focus on what mattered…moving our business forward.”

Keith Johnson, Founder

“I had the pleasure of working with the Brand Shepherd team while at Petbrosia. From performing an entire UI / UX / Front-End redesign of our site to quickly turning over last-minute requests for print materials, they always acted with the utmost level of professionalism and care. When we had odd, difficult requests – no problem, they handled it. When we needed to perform fast design reviews and tighten deadlines – no problem, they handled it. When we would randomly shift gears and completely change our priorities, just like any reactionary startup – no problem, they handled it. And through it all, they never once compromised on design quality or functionality. I know very few agencies that are both talented enough to create incredible designs, but also goal-oriented enough to make bold moves and consistently produce results ahead of schedule. Not only is Brand Shepherd an agency that I personally trust and respect, but Dan leads an agency that stands as one of the finest agencies I’ve ever worked with.”

Austin Knight, UX and Acquisition Marketing Manager at Petbrosia

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