My Artisano Foods

  • Client: My Artisano Foods
  • What They Do: My Artisano Foods™ is a startup based in Cincinnati that makes handcrafted artisan Latin American cheeses and veggies.

They hired Brand Shepherd to guide them through all aspects of their consumer branding process, beginning with a brand identity that carries the emotion they want to portray to customers.

A Brand Identity With Character

We created a brand identity that – hopefully – straddles the line between looking refined and giving a nod to Latin American colors, and yet friendly, people-focused at the same time. Our process consisted of finding just the right typography to make the identity communicate what needed to be said. In addition, we created a from-scratch mascot to help give the My Artisano Foods a personal touch. With the owner of this startup guiding us along the way with key feedback, we concluded this part of the project with a great brand identity for the brand to build on.

A Website For Everyone

After creating their brand identity, we set out to create a website for My Artisano Foods. Our goal was twofold: 1.) Create a website that provided the perfect home for the My Artisano Foods brand identity, capturing the same look and feel that we set out to communicate, and 2.) create a website that was not just beautiful on a laptop, but was device-independent.

The website we created is gorgeous – it showcases the tasty cheeses and veggies in perfect detail with big images and SEO-friendly text. It is also a responsive designed website, meaning that the same website automatically adjusts itself to any screen – smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The website also captures the look and feel of the storefront based in the Cincinnati area.

Tasty Food Packaging

When My Artisano Foods’ owner, Eduardo, and I (Dan) met at a Starbucks in the summer of 2012, I was hopeful and excited for what he was setting out to do. He had a vision of bringing the hand-crafted fresh cheeses he knew so well to an American audience, and couple that product offering with complementary veggies. As a startup, though, he had the problem so many have: He needed a brand identity, website, and packaging for his products.

Enter Brand Shepherd.

After creating a hand-crafted brand identity with mascot for his hand-crafted food, we then created a website to showcase his products using technology that is not dependent on a specific device – just one website for everyone. The last piece was the product packaging, which you can see above. How does a startup, with a startup budget, get great packaging for their products? Use an ROI-minded designer, like us. That’s how.

The execution was simple: Use the branding from the identity across all touch points, and when it comes to the structure of packaging, chose two label sizes that would accommodate everything. Furthermore, create spaces on each label for My Artisano foods to insert each products’ particular name and variation. This solution creates label packaging that can be easily revisited for individual labels as customer preference for products is determined via sales. Also, we used an innovative Cincinnati-area printer that prints exclusively using digital presses so we could print low quantities and varying sizes as needed in one run.

It was a huge cost efficiency while staying true to the branding. And that’s the benefit of having a Brand Shepherd on the team: We are not just creatives, we’re smart about it so that the businesses we service realize their best ROI. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most to a business.

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Packaging Design & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Apparel Branding Guidance
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