• Client: Grow Seven
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  • What They Do: Grow Seven produces products that promote better life from the earth, whether it’s crops from a farm, quality landscaping plants at home or work, a personal vegetable garden, and so much more.

Brand Narrative Development

But like many brands that make a lot of products for a variety of uses, the most common challenge is how to communicate what they do to the person who is just encountering the brand for the first time. That was Brand Shepherd’s first challenge when we began working with Grow Seven: To develop a brand narrative, and then provide the brand a narrative in several lengths. The different word lengths were provided so that Grow Seven staff would be prepared for a few different opportunities to share: 5 seconds (“networking introduction”), 30 seconds (“elevator pitch”), and long-format, which is the text for their website’s Our Story section.

Our process was based on a popular TED Talk speaker, Simon Sinek, and his “Discover your ‘Why'” talk, where he defines a “Golden Circle” made of Why / How / What. By starting with Why an organization exists, providing a reason to believe in their cause and reason for being, it gives people a reason to care about it. Then we tell people How the organization does what it does, and lastly we say What the organization makes and/or does. It’s thinking from the inside out.

By approaching the Grow Seven brand narrative with this simple Why / How / What model, we were able to develop several narrative options to choose from, each different from the other.

In the end, we had a successful narrative for Grow Seven, edited down to three variations of length, and a tagline that sums up the brand’s “Why” perfectly: Fueled by Innovation, Backed by Science.

Creating The Assets

Brand Identities, Product Packaging, Video Production, and Website

Working closely with Grow Seven we created refreshed and new brand identities for Grow Seven, and their Agriculture, Home & Garden, and Turf divisions.

We then set out to develop a new website, using the new brand narrative as our guide. We created a new website using the WordPress platform that allows the brand to update content when new products are released.

Product packaging was then created using the new visual branding, and we eventually refreshed the entire line of HG7 Home & Garden products for Grow Seven.

Video production for Grow Seven has been a great way to tie everything together. The videos we produce show the results of using Grow Seven products from real growers, and this speaks to the authenticity of the brand. By hearing directly from Grow Seven customers, all of the brand messaging we have worked to craft comes vividly alive. Take a look at three of the videos we have produced for Grow Seven below.

Sales Tools to Grow the Brand

The truth is, we have created far too much work with Grow Seven to showcase here on this portfolio entry. We have developed sales tools for Grow Seven such as product and category sell sheets, business cards, trade show banners and booth materials, and several brochures and catalogs used to sell Grow Seven products.

Everything working with the original brand narrative to create a unified, strong brand that is growing into a name that its buyers trust.

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Packaging Design & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Video Production
  • Traditional Sales Literature & Advertising
  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Apparel Branding Guidance

“Brand Shepherd has been instrumental in the development of my brand’s marketing infrastructure, including design concept, brand identity, web & mobile presence, commercial tools like literature and booth materials, packaging reinvention, and more. Beyond providing expertise in design and marketing know-how, what I find most empowering is their ability to truly listen, understand, and help bring to life my business concepts, in an efficient, professional, and well-thought out manner. Perhaps most exemplary of their ability to truly ‘Shepherd’ my company’s brand, is the way in which they can anticipate some of our commercial and marketing needs, proactively managing the details on each project we work on, in a way that is consistent with the vision and execution we strive to achieve. I’m extremely pleased with all the work Brand Shepherd has delivered, and know my brand is in good hands with them.”

Jorge Cepeda, Jr., Vice President • Grow Seven

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