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  • Client: Driveway Games by Paricon
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  • What They Do: Driveway Games designs and sells outdoor games – some new, some traditional – that have an innovative twist to them. Brand Shepherd helps tell their story.

Whether it’s the materials of how the game is built, the design of how one totes the game to/from a gathering, or just an innovative new game, Driveway Games creates games that are centered around people playing together outdoors – family and friends alike.

Driveway Games and Brand Shepherd collaborate on all of their product brand identities, branded consumer packaging, game graphics, web, and marketing touch points. And because we design these many aspects of Driveway Games’ brand image, the Driveway Games brand is always consistent in a presentation to corporate buyers and consumers.

Brand Identities

Over time we have earned Driveway Games’ trust, and that trust has given us the honor of being the go-to source to create a new brand identity whenever they launch a new product. Every time a new product is developed, and identity, packaging, and game graphics are needed, it is a collaborative process of listening to what they want the identity to project in terms of emotion and tone.
Product Packaging

With each brand identity, we develop there is usually a product it is associated with. That product, in turn, has packaging that needs to be designed to be consistent in branding. So our creative process continues into the packaging. We work on a variety of structures and packaging types, trying to use as little material as possible while giving the emerging Driveway Games brand product it’s proper showcase. Designing for packaging is such a treat because it involves creating something that has to look sharp from many angles, be intuitive for users to know what the product is and how to use it, and most of all consistent across different applications.

Product Catalogs

For over a decade, we have created each of Driveway Games’ product catalogs. While digital presentations are fantastic displays of products for selling to procurement, a printed catalog is still something that can be left behind and seen atop a desk. Print is not dead, it’s just more strategic. Each product catalog features brand identity, product packaging, and product photography created by Brand Shepherd.


Driveway Games has Brand Shepherd design for their web needs as well, and these needs are mainly for continuing the consistency of the brand experiences on their website. When a new product is launched we simply create the web page using what we already created for the packaging and brand identity. This saves time and budget while maintaining consistency. We design for multiple platforms, too. Driveway Games’ first website was designed in Flash, then in WordPress, and on into Magento. In each iteration, we make sure that the Driveway Games experience is consistent.

  • Product Brand Names Development
  • Product Brand Identity & Variations
  • Product Packaging Design & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Catalog & Sell Sheet Design

“Brand Shepherd does an excellent job with whatever task I present to them. Their sole focus is getting it right, even if it means re-shooting the product or a scene with models. I am very happy with the product they provide and the advice they provide.

– Ted Morton, Co-Owner of Driveway Games

“Working with Brand Shepherd was a true joy and the results he delivered were perfect. They managed new packaging design, catalog design, website design, a trade show display, and more all within a relatively short time frame and did so with expert precision and creativity. The thing I appreciate most about them is that they always listened and had great communication with me, the client. They are a great at design, too, and the items they created for us are great – but they were so great because they took the time to understand our business, our needs, and our budget; always listening to what we envisioned…with that they were able to very quickly put together items that were exactly as we described them without wasted time or cost as we had experienced with other graphic designers. They are experts at graphic design and beyond communication, they understand the needs of small business, I highly recommend Brand Shepherd for any project!”

– Justin Greiwe, Founder of Driveway Games

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