• Client: Dinovite
  • Website: https://www.dinovite.com
  • What They Do: Dinovite is the maker and seller of all-natural pet care products. Brand Shepherd helps them tell their story.

Dinovite manufactures and sells food supplements, shampoos, treats, and pest repellents – all of which are totally natural. Brand Shepherd’s role is multifaceted in the branding of Dinovite’s line of products.

Dinovite and Brand Shepherd collaborate on all of their product brand identities, branded consumer packaging, web . We design consumer packaging (bottles, boxes, etc.), web sites, logos, HTML email blasts, and many other resources. Because we design these many aspects of Dinovite’s image, the Dinovite brand is always consistent in presentation.

Brand Identities

Over time we have earned Dinovite’s trust, and that trust has given us the honor of being the go-to source to create a new brand identity whenever they launch a new product. Trust is also why, in mid-2009, Dinovite entrusted us to refresh all of their product brand identities. By “refresh” we do not mean that we started over, but rather took the existing identities and gave them a lot of polish. We found a thicker version of the font used in all existing identities, and that allowed us to refresh the identities so that they looked stronger, stood out more. We are still rolling out the refreshed identities, as well as those for new products, and every time it is a collaborative process of listening to what Dinovite wants the identity to project in terms of emotion and tone. Developing these brand identities is an honor.

Consumer Packaging

With each brand identity we develop there is usually a product it is associated with. That product, in turn, has packaging that needs to be designed to be consistent in branding. So our creative process continues into packaging. We work on a variety of structures and packaging types, from form-seal bags to labels for rigid packaging to squeeze tubes, droppers, and boxes – we design for all of these applications! Designing for packaging is such a treat because it involves creating something that has to look sharp from many angles, be intuitive for users to know what the product is and how to use it, and most of all consistent across different applications. For instance some products might come in containers varying from bags to boxes to tubes – it all must be absolutely consistent, and that’s what we thoroughly enjoy doing for Dinovite.
Web: Main Site Components, Landing Pages, and Web Ads

Dinovite has Brand Shepherd design for their web needs as well, and these needs are multifaceted. First, we have Dinovite’s main web site (Dinovite.com). Brand Shepherd designs all of the selling and informative visuals for the web site. From the components on the home page to the informative ads for each product to the images used to sell each product, we design it all. We also create landing pages for each product, as well as landing pages for pet owners that would like to know certain information about their pet’s health and well-being. We create banner ads for Dinovite, too – ads that run in conjunction with their radio or streaming radio ads. These banners are seldom the same size or need, which keeps us on our toes! Regardless, we have to create Dinovite’s web presence with total consistency.

Email Marketing Design

We also design for email campaigns. Dinovite has asked us to create email templates for a variety of email marketing service providers, and since Dinovite is a company that sells directly via the web, tracking ROI is key. Everything plays together when it comes to the branded touch points on the web for Dinovite, and we enjoy designing it all, ensuring absolute consistency.

Advertising: Mail Campaigns and Print Ads

Dinovite really knows what they’re doing when it comes to marketing because they have found the right mix of promotion via web, radio, repeat customers, and print. We design postcard mail campaigns that help drive sales, and inform customers of products that they might not know about.

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Packaging Design & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile App Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Branding
  • Traditional Advertising
  • Apparel Branding Guidance

“Give Brand Shepherd a concept and just wait…you’ll be thrilled! In the past few years, we have introduced at least 10 new products. And, for each one of these, we have used Brand Shepherd to design our packaging. We meet with [Brand Shepherd], outline our ideas and our concepts. Then, we wait…and WOW! Dan and his team prove that we have made the right choice in design firms, bar none, every time! If we don’t LOVE what we get back in the first go around, which is unusual, we simply make a slight color suggestion or a slight tweak to lettering or image and it comes back perfect! I have never worked with a design team that is so good at listening…so intuitive about your needs…so concerned with absolute excellence! Your website, your packaging, your branding…it’s all who you are…and we trust who we are to Brand Shepherd!”

– Cindy Lukacevic, Owner of Dinovite

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