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Growing A Brand: A Legal Perspective

With Special Guest
Derrick Davis
Business Attorney

Derrick Davis is a business attorney based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Derrick specializes in all things related to business law, and is Brand Shepherd’s go-to expert we refer clients to for legal help with their intellectual property questions and needs. 

Derrick and Brand Shepherd’s Daniel Crask met via the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center (KEC) and have gone on to serve as mentors in Tennessee’s AgLaunch Mentor Network program, helping Agriculture startups go to market.

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Attorney Derrick Davis is our guest on this episode of the Brand Shepherd podcast. Here is an outline of what we covered:

COVID-19 will spur a lot of new entrepreneurs, and new businesses.

  • New businesses will need to develop a brand for themselves, which we have covered in the 5 Ingredients podcast.

  • New businesses will also need legal guidance as they start or expand.
  • We will talk about what that looks like.
STARTING OUT: navigating legalities of getting started
  • Type of business (LLC, Sole Prop, etc.).
  • Naming for a new business or brand extension.
  • Protect the IP.
  • Mystery Solved: TM or © ®?! When to do what.
GROWTH: businesses/brand that is using this time to work ON their brands/businesses
  • Naming the brand extension(s) — what’s taken, when to accept risk.
  • Every business takes on risk — what are some common risks a new business or new brand growth will want to be cautious about?
  • Trouble: what value does someone like you bring to the table when a cease and desist letter arrives, or some other kind of trouble?
  • Trouble: similarly, what if another new business steals your IP?
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