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From seed to soil, growth and harvest, GrowSeven serves USA farmers’ needs in every season. We had the great honor of developing the GrowSeven brand, applying it to its suite of products, and creating the foundation for the exponential growth of the brand.

“Brand Shepherd has been instrumental in the development of my brand’s marketing infrastructure, including design concept, brand identity, web & mobile presence, commercial tools like literature and booth materials, packaging reinvention, and more. Beyond providing expertise in design and marketing know-how, what I find most empowering is their ability to truly listen, understand, and help bring to life my business concepts, in an efficient, professional, and well-thought-out manner. Perhaps most exemplary of their ability to truly ‘Shepherd’ my company’s brand, is the way in which they can anticipate some of our commercial and marketing needs, proactively managing the details on each project we work on, in a way that is consistent with the vision and execution we strive to achieve. I’m extremely pleased with all the work Brand Shepherd has delivered, and know my brand is in good hands with them.”

Jorge Cepeda Jr. • VP Global Sales • Grow Seven


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