Case Study Standex Making the products within the products within the products Standex is a global manufacturer of electronic components, and they stand as proof that great branding for B2B products can make for a high-performing customer experience. We tackled their multilingual website and created custom illustrations for all of their main product categories so […]

Jim Dandy’s BBQ

Case Study Jim Dandy’s BBQ Slow Smoked Cincinnati BBQ Did you know Cincinnati BBQ is a thing? It is. And it was our treat to develop the Jim Dandy’s BBQ brand into one that could expand and grow through its compelling roadside story by founder, Jim, to its delicious BBQ, its rubs and products, and […]

No Allergies Energy Bars

Case Study No Allergies Energy Bars For Everyone. The rise in food allergies is exponential across the USA, and food brands have had to pivot with ingredients and variety. That’s why startups have an advantage: They can start from reading the room as it is and create specific products for specific people. The No Allergies […]

Dixie Feed Co.

Case Study Dixie Feed Co. An Old-Fashioned Seed & Feed Supply Gets A Refresh For many years, The Dixie Feed Co. in Kentucky has supplied feed for farmers and anyone with livestock to give their animals only the best possible nutrition. It was our honor to give this longtime, beloved agriculture business a fresh look […]


Brand Shepherd Case Study ExcelAg COVER

Case Study ExcelAg Rich, Healthy, and Sustainable Production ExcelAg delivers on its brand promise to create rich, healthy, and sustainable production in agriculture. That’s a brand promise our planet, our food chain, and our soil needs, now more than ever. “Beyond providing expertise in design and marketing know-how, what I find most empowering is their […]