Brand Shepherd is based in Wyoming, Ohio, near Cincinnati, and was co-founded by Dan and Andrea Crask.

Dan Crask, Creative Director & Co-Founder

For over a dozen years Dan has been working with a balance of right-brain creativity and left-brain organization. He is the rare creative who understands business. After earning his B.A. in graphic design and commercial photography from the Judson University’s Department of Design, Art, and Architecture, he worked in a variety of design firms – from a traditional ad agency to a packaging/branding firm. Dan believes that “good design” is relative to the goals of the project. At the core of his competencies, however, are the belief and practice that listening is always the first step in creating great design.

Andrea Crask, CFO & Co-Founder

A mix of strategic thinking coupled with quick wit, Andrea is the business mind that keeps the non-creative aspects of Brand Shepherd afloat. Having earned a B.S. in marketing from the University of Cincinnati, Andrea optimizes opportunities for Brand Shepherd clients. Aside from her strategic and opportunistic approach, she wears the hat of vision-caster and brainstormer.

John Marshall, Designer

John is a multifaceted graphic designer with 14 years professional design experience, specializing in brand identity, packaging, print design, and snappy dressing. He also shares his expertise in creative writing, developing unique concepts, and brand-centric custom illustration with Brand Shepherd’s clients.

Dylan Schuster, Developer

Dylan focuses on our clients’ WordPress and mobile web development needs. He ensures that what we create is beautiful and works as designed, adding engaging user experiences (UX) and efficient best practice technologies such as HTML5. His vast experience in developing mobile-friendly websites allows our clients to market themselves with effective points of engagement for their customers.

Everyone Else

Cincinnati is considered the consumer product branding hub of the world, due to all the national and global brands based here. As a result, Cincinnati has a talent pool unlike anywhere else when it comes to branding professionals. Brand Shepherd runs a lean, self-funded operation by using the wealth of full-time freelance branding professionals in town. Our team changes depending on the needs of our clients, and we are fortunate to have been able to work with the same freelance talent repeatedly over the years.


If you are interested in being part of the Brand Shepherd team, please check out our Work With Us page to see who we are looking for.