We believe every brand can thrive with the right guidance and design.

  • Combine Brand Guidance with…

    Combine Brand Guidance with…

    Your brand’s story should be told through an engaging and meaningful narrative that works on-shelf, digitally…anywhere. We are here to help guide the decisions, process, and narrative for your brand.

  • …smart Brand Design.

    …smart Brand Design.

    Your brand deserves visuals on par with the greatness of your products and services. Smart brand design helps determine what prospects believe you can do – from the minute they encounter your company. Design is the “face” that makes your first impression.

  • “Beyond providing expertise in design and marketing know-how, what I find most empowering is their ability to truly listen, understand, and help bring to life my business concepts, in an efficient, professional, and well-thought out manner.

    - Jorge Cepeda, Jr., Vice President • Grow Seven
  • “I have never worked with a design team that is so good at listening…so intuitive about your needs…so concerned with absolute excellence!

    - Cindy Lukacevic, Owner, Dinovite
  • “Brand Shepherd designed my clinic’s website, and the influx of new clients has been steadily increasing since we went live. On the first month of our new website, our business increased by almost 65%!”

    - Gigi Klimick, owner, Innate brand and Klimick Acupuncture
  • “Brand Shepherd empowered Petbrosia to focus on what mattered…moving our business forward.

    - Keith Johnson, founder, Petbrosia.com

Why Does Every Brand Need A Shepherd?

You’ve put time, expense, effort, and dreaming into your Big Idea. That idea is now at a point where its benefits, value, use, etc. need to be told to the masses. And not just told, but shown, demonstrated, and celebrated.

The presentation of your Big Idea — your words and visuals — will be how your customers and prospects instantly judge your brand. Like it or not, branding is all about judging a book by its cover.

Every brand needs guidance from a team of professionals who know how to tell a brand’s story.

This is where a brand shepherd comes in.

Brand Shepherd focuses on two core areas: Brand guidance and brand design. Guidance is at the center of our name.

There is no shortage of great branding talent available for hire, but without a “shepherd”, even the best design fails to persuade.

We will listen your story, then put a plan together specifically for you. Then, we will create something special together.

Your brand, your service, and your ideas are worth great branding.

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