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Brand Shepherd is a graphic design and branding firm based in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Every Brand Needs A Shepherd.

We help shepherd brands in the right direction by working with their identity, website, and/or product packaging. Those 3 parts of any business’ herd need to be together, moving in the same direction now more than ever.

If you’ve ever been inside a store, and a product caught your eye you’ll understand.

Your attention was captured in part by the branding and identity of the product packaging. Then you were curious about the product, and looked it up on your phone in-store. If you’re like many people today, you probably looked further on your phone’s search results to see if you could get a better deal elsewhere. The same process happens for services, too. You may see a vehicle or sign promoting a service, it catches your eye, and you go through the same process to find out if you want to hire them.

Identity, web, and packaging herded together to tell the story of why your product or service is the best.

That’s Brand Shepherd’s area of expertise, and we work with business of all sorts – product makers, service providers, you name it. We help shepherd brands because every brand needs a shepherd.