WordPress Website Shepherding

Why You Want This

The good news: Like any great technology, WordPress is constantly evolving with updates to Plugins and the platform itself that add new features and make your website more secure.

The annoying news: Since WordPress is sought-after because you can control all aspects of the website with ease, it is therefore your responsibility to keep all Plugins and WordPress updates applied, lest your website’s resources become obsolete, and a more expensive fix be needed after many updates are ignored.

This is why Brand Shepherd partnered with our trusted development specialists, Wiser Sites, to provide a service that monitors and shepherds a WordPress website’s updates, and keeps them current.


  • Daily backups of your website files and database.
  • Your WordPress installation and all of your plugins are monitored and kept updated and current.
  • Spam comments are cleaned out regularly.
  • Your WordPress database is optimized and secured on a regular schedule so that you are prepared for any crisis.
  • Scroll on down to get started.

What you get, in detail:


We will manage updates for you. Plugins and themes are updated, secured and kept working at an optimized level.

For premium and subscription based themes and plugins, you must pay the fee to the plugin developers in order for us to be able to update and maintain. Theme updates include everything in the WordPress repository and most premium themes except some from sites like Theme Forrest, Elegant Themes, or DIY themes where we need access to your account. All of these premium template sites will send you an email alert or copy of theme updates that we will install for you if you send us the zip files. If your site breaks when we update it, we fix the breakage for free. Think of this as a plugin update insurance policy. There are some rare instances where the updated plugins are no longer compatible with your current theme. In these cases we will revert the plugin to the last working version. Our team of developers can suggest a solution for updates and we can execute the fix which will be invoiced separately.


We will optimize the site and monitor spam comments, keeping them flushed out so your database doesn’t become bulky and heavy and slow down your site.

We also monitor your database and keep it optimized so there’s no extra bloat from post revisions. We monitor the site for unnecessary spikes in traffic or anything that looks like an attack. When we see something we resolve the issue: if it’s something on our servers we will take care of the issue immediately; if it is on someone else’s server we will alert you and advise how you can fix it or we will fix it for you for an hourly fee.

Security and Backups

We will keep your site secure and run monthly checks to see if any plugins that have been installed have holes or vulnerabilities. We will identify any leakages or vulnerabilities from the front end (WordPress installation) and provide you with a solution. In the event that there is an attack or vulnerability on your hosting provider (server side) we cannot be held responsible for these attacks unless you are hosted with Wiser Sites, LLC in which case we ensure security on both the front and back ends of your website.

If an attack happens to your server (non-Wiser Sites hosting) we will alert you and advise how you can fix it or we will fix it for you for an hourly fee.

We backup your site to a separate external drive so that if your hosting provider crashes we can get your site back up quickly. These backups happen daily, weekly, and monthly. With this service you will have the comfort of knowing your site is always up-to-date, secure, and working at an efficiently for optimum performance and speed.

The Fine Print

Purchase of a plan is to be pre-paid 100% in advance of service. A review of your website will be conducted before we enter into an agreement, and in some cases we may request temporary login credentials to your website so we can take a look under the hood. If we need to look at your WordPress dashboard, we will equip you to monitor us while we take a look, and you can kick us out at any time. The point: You remain in total control of our movements as we review the interior of your website. We reserve the right to decline this service to any website, and we are under no obligation to disclose why we decline service.

Getting Started

To get started, it is as simple as filling out the form below, choosing an option (per quarter or per year), and we will be in touch with payment options.