What is AM Connect?

When COVID lockdowns went into effect in March of 2020, most of the networking and professional development orgs we were members of responded like turtles in danger: They hid.

One rep from such an org, when asked about how they planned to pivot in light of 2020, answered: “If you need networking as a member, then we are no longer a good fit for you.”


Yet out of all the madness of 2020, the Blount County, Tennessee Chamber saw what was happening and pivoted in the best possible way.

They took as many of their monthly gatherings online, quickly became Zoom masters, and structured things in such a way to make each and every event valuable.

The one we participated in most often is the monthly AM Connect. This is when a local business sponsors it and presents 2 short presentations about what they do, and it’s broken up by 2-3 breakout sessions where each person is paired with up to 4 other attendees for some close-knit networking.

For the June 2021 AM Connect, Brand Shepherd was the sponsor.

What Is Brand Development?

In the video above, Daniel introduces Blount Chamber members to what Brand Shepherd does: Brand Development.

East Tennessee has a lot of marketing agencies and several design agencies, but we are only the second Brand Development agency in this part of the state.

This presentation focuses on 3 key things:

  • What is Brand Development?
  • How is it different than marketing, sales, or biz ops?
  • Why should I care?

In 2 short segments, Daniel lays out – with examples – answers to all of those questions.