It’s Time For SSL On Your Website (yes, even your website)

Starting October 2017, Google has raised their stakes in penalizing websites without SSL.

Any website that has a contact form where a visitor enters their contact info – any contact info – must be encrypted via SSL.

Read about it here »

Brand Shepherd has been recommending SSL since February of this year for other reasons as well »

The risks and inevitabilities of not getting SSL:

  • Google is already tagging sites without SSL as “Not Secure.”
  • Google is, as of October 2017, tagging websites with no SSL and a contact form as not secure.
  • Soon, Google will blacklist your website, which can take months to get back in search results.

What you need to do:

  1. If you are a Brand Shepherd client that declined our guidance for SSL, contact us. We’ll walk you through the steps needed.
  2. If you’re not a Brand Shepherd client, contact your website hosting provider.
  3. When you contact your website hosting provider, ask them for the best price to buy 1-3 years of SSL, and be sure to ask that they install it for you, then alert you when installation is complete.

Rarely does Google do something that impacts a front-facing part of nearly every website, yet this is exactly what we have here since nearly all websites use a contact form.

Kudos to Google for forcing website owners to get serious about encryption and security. They’ve forced the issue, so now it’s time for us to act.