🤫 Google is a Generalist Brand… 🤭

Think about it:

💡 Their products vary from search to video social media to an ad network, office apps, cloud storage, and a lot more.

Yet you’ve been sold on the idea that your brand needs Specialists.

And not just one specialist, a lot of specialists.

Oh, and you have to either manage them yourself and hope they can gel to create a consistent, cohesive brand, or hire a salaried manager to keep them all in line.

Well, in today’s episode of the Brand Shepherd Podcast, we’re here to call “Bullshit” on that whole idea.

Your brand needs expert Generalists, a creative team that can dive right into what the brand needs to sell, yet sees how the bigger picture, your whole brand works together.

Your brand is not just your website.

Your brand is not just your marketing.

Your brand is not just your logo, your products, etc.

That’s why we believe every brand needs a generalist, a shepherd, a Brand Shepherd.

Today’s episode serves as an overview of the Generalist Approach vs. the Specialist Approach.

We will build on this introductory episode with interviews on the applicable facets of Generalism and how you can put it to work to build a far more profitable and efficient brand.

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