Terms of Service

Brand Shepherd is a 100% self-funded business. This means we do not operate on or use a line of credit, but instead, each project funds itself.

This is why timely payment is a top priority. It is also why we have created incentives for paying us by or before each invoice’s due date.


Brand Shepherd requires 1/3 of the estimated total as a down payment before we begin work.

Projects do not officially start until the down payment is received.

The 1/3 down-payment invoice, as well as all subsequent invoices, will be sent via email.

We invoice every 30 days. Payment is due Net 15 of the invoice date.

Payments may be made by arranging ACH with us (preferred), online using a credit or bank card, or by mailed check. Please see the Discount Tiers below for incentives.

We will notify you should we see that the total hours/cost is going to go beyond what is estimated, and will not proceed with any overages unless approved by you.


We realize our approach to payments is unusual so we want to make it a rewarding experience for you.

The following discount tiers are available for every invoice:

  • 3% discount when you pay via ACH within 3 days of receiving your invoice.
  • 1% discount when you pay via ACH by the due date.

These discounts are available on every invoice you receive from us.

Please call Andrea (865) 806-4302 to get ACH depositing information.


Operating debt-free and self-funded means we are paying our team for their expert work on your project from your budget.

We, therefore, need payments to be on time, every time.

Sometimes, though, circumstances cause a payment to be late. Life happens. We get it.

When a payment is 1-day late, we simply pause all work on your project. Work is paused until the late payment is received and cleared in full.

If paying by check, send it 7-10 days prior to the due date, especially now that the USPS has intentionally slowed down its delivery services.

An “on time” payment is in our hands on or before the due date, not the date it was mailed.


When a project has no activity for 30 business days, Brand Shepherd reserves the right to cancel the project and the agreement. Should this occur, we will invoice for all time spent on the project that has not yet been invoiced for the project.

The scope, processes, and budget outlined in our proposals expire one calendar month from the date on the first page.

Our proposals are non-binding, meaning your business or Brand Shepherd can cancel the project for any reason with 30 calendar days’ notice. Brand Shepherd does not offer full refunds, however, should a project need to be canceled, we will refund any amount paid to us that exceeds what has been spent on the project.


We expect to be paid on time, every time.

Failure to pay on time, every time, creates instant negative energy in the creative process.

It is crucial that payments are made no later than the due date.

Please plan for mailing time when mailing checks. For instance, if your payment is due on the 15th and you mail it to us on the 14th, there is a high probability that your payment will be considered late. We do not honor the date of mailed payment; only the date that payment is received.

If payment is more than 5 days late, all project work is placed on pause until payment is received.


Whatever we create for your brand, you own outright when your invoice is paid in full.


Brand Shepherd acknowledges its responsibility, both during and after the term of its appointment, to use all reasonable efforts to preserve the confidentiality of any proprietary or confidential information or data developed by Brand Shepherd on behalf of our clients or disclosed by our clients to Brand Shepherd.

Brand Shepherd always makes recommendations throughout the process on which ideas we believe will provide the best long-term ROI. We are your hired experts in brand development and we want this to be a success. However, the final say will be yours.

Updated October 2021