We are eager to put on our new colors, logo, website, and more by unveiling our refreshed branding for Brand Shepherd. It has been in the works for the past six months because this is more than just new colors, new logo, and a new website.

The imagery above demonstrates the evolution of our branding, starting in 2006 with our first logo and name, and ending with our new branding.

With this newly refreshed branding we are also bringing to life what our clients have benefited from all these years: Brand guidance and great design.

A shepherd guides, protects, and produces. We’ve spent the last six months getting back in tune with the reasons we decided to call ourselves Brand Shepherd. We are collaborators – giving guidance on the practical as well as the cognitive parts of developing great branding. We are always looking out for the brands we serve, protecting them from making missteps when we can. And all the while we are producing great work that helps brands thrive.

Please look around. We have added a lot to our case studies, and our work has a number of new projects in it as well. We have a new set of pages that talk about what we do, but we describe it in the context of how it benefits those we serve. Speaking of those we serve, they have a lot more to say on our testimonials page. Before you leave be sure to take a look at our page that has our social media feeds on it, and be sure to follow one or all of them if you want to.