1-3 Minute Read
by Dan Crask, Creative Director & Co-Owner, Brand Shepherd

What if I told you that the role of the User Experience – aka UX – expert on a product development team is not a role that emerged in the 2010s?

What if I told you that UX was a top concern for product brands in the 1930s?

And what if I told you that in the 1950s, UX as we know it today was born from the Godfather of UX by a French-born designer by the name of Raymond Loewy.

Well, it’s true. It’s all true.

See, the role of a UX expert seems so relatively new to the many roles that go into developing a product today.

Digital and tangible products alike need great UX in order for the user/customer to enjoy using the product and keep them as customers.

Yet all we did in recent years was give the myriad ways a designer employs strategy, human behavior, aesthetic appeal, production methods and more a name: UX.

The substance of what we do today, however, was pioneered by Mr. Raymond Loewy.

Raymond Loewy is often credited as being the “Father Of Industrial Design,” and that is a true statement and assessment of his life’s work.

Yet Mr. Loewy’s attention was ever on the experience his designs would have on their users and viewers.

He had no shortage of strongly held beliefs and guiding design principles that led this user-centric design approach and this is why Raymond Loewy must be considered the Godfather Of UX.

In this series of short posts, I will share insights that product people – stakeholders, designers, makers, owners, etc. – can learn from The Godfather of UX, Raymond Loewy, for product development in 2020 and beyond.

First, I invite you to get to know the sweeping expanse of Mr. Loewy’s work and ideas about UX in this CBS News Presentation video below. It lays the ground work for the articles that will follow this one to outline specifically why Raymond Loewy is the Godfather Of UX and what we can learn and apply today on the products we help shape.