As noted in our Petbrosia Case Study, we have had the pleasure of working with this innovative pet food startup since their beginning. After having crafted Petbrosia’s identity, product packaging, various marketing touch points, and trade show booth banners, they tapped us to redesign their website. And when we say “redesign,” we don’t mean “refresh.” We mean redesign everything – the entire experience a prospect and customer experience prior to ordering.

Because we were so immersed in Petbrosia’s story, product, and core brand benefits, re-creating their website was an opportunity to take everything absorbed up until this point, and focus it on crafting a web experience that was as persuasive as it was engagingly informative. Making the brand come to life with big imagery and iconography within to-the-point pages was a pleasure to design.

Data Driven Design


Before the redesign.

We did not go into the redesign process blind. Our first and biggest source of rationale was simply looking at Petbrosia’s website analytics, and seeing what pages performed worst. It took all of one hour to thoroughly examine the data that pointed to a Home page (of the now-old website) that bled potential customers.

With a massive bounce rate (the speed in which a person leaves a website), and very few click-throughs from the Home page, we knew that crafting a Home page that converted was priority #1.

Collaborating with Petbrosia’s team, we created a Home page that brought the brand to life while giving prospect customers a simple and easy ways to get started.

Responsive Design

Brand Shepherd no longer designs websites that are not responsive. Responsive design means that the website will respond and auto-adjust to whatever device is used to access it. The first Petbrosia website lacked this ability, and we believed it was very important for the redesign to not be device-dependent. Mobile is not the future – it’s the now. So the new Petbrosia website looks great on any device.

Design That Converts

What’s the point of something that just looks pretty? Nothing. When Brand Shepherd handcrafts a website – or anything else – we do so with a focus on what it looks like, why it looks that way, and how it functions. This website was no exception. By placing easy to access starting points for customers, we designed a website that converts. The day after launching the new website, Petbrosia had a record day of sales, followed by a record month of sales thereafter, thanks to a big marketing effort that pushed people to a website that converted them to customers. At the end of the day, if the website doesn’t convert, it needs to be corrected, and we are elated to have been part of the process in creating a website that converts customers for Petbrosia.


In June of 2015 Petbrosia concluded their relationship with us after new hires were made within the startup. Shortly after our departure, they re-branded, re-shaped their brand voice, and launched all new branding. Four months later Petbrosia ceased operations. We are thrilled to have been part of the original Petbrosia team and story. It was an exceptional brand and will be missed by many dogs, cats, and their caretakers.