A :15 second introduction video for the new KeySource brand identity

When KeySource Medical contacted us to talk about refreshing their brand, the first step was to listen to what the goals were for growth and betterment of the brand. We then took the time to meet with them on-site, looking through all the various touch points that the current branding was utilized. From this process of listening and discovery, we set out to create a refreshed brand identity for KeySource.

Part of the exercise was to minimize the brand name to simply “KeySource” so that it could accommodate long-term plans for growth. They smartly did not want to venture into a new brand identity that would get a mere handful of years. They wanted a refreshed brand identity that captured the sense of where the brand was going while keeping core brand equity intact.

Core brand equity was determined to consist of the name, KeySource, and the orange/blue combo the brand is known for. In such a competitive niche as pharmaceuticals, sometimes just being known as “the orange and blue brand” is enough to be memorable. So we kept those key equity points intact.

However, we did want to make something memorable, so we started with typography, and identified a handful of typefaces that would communicate a newness to KeySource, but also a freshness and maturity to the brand. After careful vetting, a typeface was chosen, and we moved into creating an icon for KeySource.

Several icons were pitched, but one was chosen. KeySource was wise to spend a diligent amount of time considering and vetting the new icon among its key stakeholders and staff while yielding to our expertise for branding as a whole. It was a collaborative and productive exercise.

In the end, the final brand identity is one that had immediate buy-in from KeySource staff because they were part of the process. It carries the main points they are known for while introducing a fresh face to the KeySource name. We are continuing our work with KeySource, and will find more of our collaborations here amongst the work we are proud to display.