The Dinovite brand promise is that your dog needs 90 days on its daily supplement(s) to see the full desired results, such as a stop to shedding, scratching, stinking, etc. If you don’t see the results you desired, there’s a guarantee to get your money back. The problem with Dinovite’s product packaging up to this point is that it came in only 30 day supplies, so the customer was required to buy 3 to get to 90 days. This is anything but uncommon; sport supplements rarely come in the quantity needed to see full results. But Dinovite felt compelled to offer a 90 day solution.

We then created 4 different size cartons, 1 size carton for small, medium, large, and giant dog breeds. Each box has a scoop and instructions. On the side of each box we included a QR code for customers to be taken to a mobile web page that has more instructions, and easy reorder button, and a quick way to get a Dinovite nutrition coach on the phone.

Check out Dinovite Case Study to see all that we have created for and with this awesome pet brand.