The Burton Portal Product Development

  • Client: Burton by i3 Verticals®
  • What They Do: The Burton Portal: “So much more than a payment gateway.”

Burton by i3 Verticals is indeed “so much more than a payment gateway.” It is a multifaceted product with many different uses, so our challenge was to help Burton’s creator grab hold of a big part of their customers’ UX and craft it into the beginnings of a much bigger product.

The Burton Portal is the fruit of our work, and it makes otherwise bland data engaging to use, which makes Burton valueable to its users.

Using industry tools like Adobe XD and Sketch for design, InVision for prototyping and feedback, and Zeplin for final asset hand-off, we not only created a best-in-class product for i3 Verticals, but we did so efficiently and with speed-to-market in mind.

  • Digital Product Development
  • UX Scoping
  • UI Design and Branding
  • Brand Identity

“I’ve worked with Dan on several projects throughout the years. My first experience was so positive and enjoyable, that when the opportunity came to highly recommend his company with my new employer, I didn’t hesitate to do so. Working with Dan and his team is such an enjoyable, creative, professional experience. It amazes me that simple conversations, tossing out thoughts and ideas can manifest into design ideas that capture perfectly the ideas and direction we were looking for. We will absolutely continue to work with Dan and his team, not only because of the quality, design and professionalism that we receive, but also because they are just fun to work with.”

– Lisa Reedy, Enterprise Product Manager at i3 Verticals

Desktop and Tablet