• Client: TalentNow™
  • Website: https://talentnow.ai/
  • What They Do: “TalentNow was built with the flexibility to serve your company with non-employee talent to fit your business needs.”

Starting with the brand name, TalentNow, and a robust background on where the brand would live and who it would be speaking to, Brand Shepherd set out to develop the full visual brand identity.

We created a wide range of initial ideas for the logo that paired memorable icons with appropriate typography. Yet after seeing these ideas, leadership thought it best to simply go with a traditional logotype. What you see is their final decision.

This is a classic example of a difference with Brand Shepherd: We will always present the best possible ideas, but the final call is always from the brand owners and stakeholders, not us. When our work is done, brand owners and stakeholders need to be energized and believe in what was created. It’s their business, not ours. So while we often believe that our ideas would make a more lasting impression and are an overall far better solve, we always yield to the decisions of our clients for the final outcome.

And we don’t just tuck our tail and mope onward. No, we embrace the decision and make the very best branded assets with it, wholly and completely.

This is what we did with TalenNow’s stationery, deck, and sales collateral.

As of yet, we have not created their website, which is why it presently looks detached from the brand we created. But fingers are crossed that we will get there soon.

Even if we don’t, the TalentNow brand we helped create is strong and well-positioned for a market of job seekers.

  • Brand Identity
  • Sales Literature
  • Social Media Assets

Select portions of the 100% custom deck we created for TalentNow.

In a digital world, tangible stationery stands out, leaves an impression.