ScoreTower Mobile Apps

  • What They Do: ScoreTower™ created apps that could keep score of official Little League®, as well as ping pong games using an iPad® and iPhone® through BlueTooth connectivity.
Little League Baseball & Softball®

We are fortunate that one of our clients, Backyard Scoreboards and their ScoreTower® brand, hired us to work with them and Little League Baseball & Softball® on their official score-keeping app. Our working relationship began when we designed the ScoreTower brand identity and consumer packaging for their physical ScoreTower products, and we easily shepherded the brand assets of both ScoreTower and Little League into a fantastic app experience for iPhones®, iPads®, and iPod Touch® models.

This score-keeping app uses Bluetooth technology to use an Apple®  iPhone® or iPod® Touch as both a scoreboard and remote control. When paired with an iPad, the score is displayed on an iPad®. A user can use two paired iOS devices, or just use one device to score a game. The user can change out the background colors, change the names of the teams, and take a quick snapshot of the scoreboard and email it to a family member or friend without leaving the app!

Ping Pong

Continuing our work with ScoreTower® we created an app to score the game of ping pong, aka table tennis. This app uses the same technology as the Little League® ScoreTower app by pairing an iPhone or iPod Touch with an iPad, or by using one of those devices alone to score a game of ping pong. Like the Little League app, too, the smaller device can be used to send score updates to the iPad where the score is displayed in a big, clean design for small groups of people.

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