Reformed Youth Services Website & Event Registration Web App

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  • What They Do: Reformed Youth Services is a national youth ministry made up of churches that hold to a Reformed Theological position.

Everything we are super proud of for the RYS website is the area you cannot see 🙁

That’s because it is a members-only, complex, yet easy-to-use event registration web app for RYS.

The main problem here was twofold: This is a decentralized org that brings in youth from across the USA, and up until our work together, 99% of the registration process was via paper!

Our mission – which we accomplished – was to digitize the process as much as possible while staying within the affordable confines of WordPress.

Through savvy design and development work, we did just that.

In the process, we updated their main logo and front-facing website. The end design is not what we pushed for. This is not good design, but it’s what the client wanted, so that’s all that matters. The biggest challenge with ministries is that they tend to be orgs that prove the old adage, “A camel is a horse designed by committee,” when it comes to aesthetics, and this front-facing website is Exhibit-A.

But we show it in our portfolio to be upfront about the fact that: (1) We will push hard for what we, as professional creatives, know to be true and good for your brand, yet (2) you are free to go with what you, not a professional creative, believe to be true. So long as you pay on time, we’re cool with that 🙂

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