• Client: Previlli
  • Website:
  • What They Do: Previlli is a supplement that works to “build a better biome” for a person’s gut health.

Previlli is a supplement truly poised to disrupt the gut health product niche. They are doing this by expanding the conversation about gut health beyond probiotics because a person’s gut health is made optimal by a lot more than just probiotics.

Previlli’s brand messaging was in need of clarification for the customer journey, and then some visual cues were needed to pair with the refined messaging. This is where Brand Shepherd came in and helped.

Using a proven method we have employed for other successful brands, we took existing Previlli messaging and reordered it in a way that was customer-centric instead of brand-centric. We then filled in a couple of messaging holes left from the refined message flow and worked with their copywriter to craft fresh copy that kept the integrity of the brand intact.

Then we created 4 sets of hero images that could be used to accompany the refined messaging. The images can be used for e-commerce, email, display, social — you name it. That’s the benefit of working with an agency who gets omnichannel branding.

Previlli now has a refined customer journey message and visuals to go with it. We are eager to see this supplement brand thrive.