O’Brien Group

  • What They Do: O’Brien Group helps seasoned medical professionals enter C-suite career pivots.

Scope Of Work

They sum it up best on the What We Do page we created:  “We (O’Brien Group) work with and coach healthcare CEOs and their teams to help them improve team dynamics, better manage conflict, have more powerful executive conversations and manage through the upsets and breakdowns that comes with periods of rapid change. We help them become great leaders.” Brand Shepherd was brought in to totally redesign the O’Brien Group web site while also doing so on a content management system (CMS).

We did exactly that: The redesign process took us through several iterations where Brand Shepherd explored what the site could look like, and once a design direction was chosen we built the new site in WordPress. After design and development were wrapped up Dan from Brand Shepherd spent several hours with the O’Brien Group team training them how to use their new site. As the team learned how to create, write, and edit new pages for the site Brand Shepherd was available for continual training, updated graphics, and ideas.

By building the new site on WordPress, O’Brien Group is now positioned to post information for their clients much quicker than the old days when they had to rely on a web developer to update the site. Brand Shepherd listened to the goals, made a plan, executed it, and has put O’Brien Group in a favorable position to expand their business.

Services Utilized

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Website Design & Development


From Tony Collins, marketing/project manager for the O’Brien Group web site redesign:

Brand Shepherd recently finished designing a website for my client and the final design and the process that got us there was superlative. Brand Shepherd’s approach was patient during times when we repeatedly asked uninformed questions, they over delivered on promises and dealt with the preverbal hiccups quickly and professionally. They made the sometimes painful aspects of redesigning a website actually enjoyable. If you are looking for a design project and want the quality but not the expense and overhead of a large agency, Brand Shepherd is the firm for you.”