MobiValet Identity and Packaging

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  • What They Do: MobiValet makes a convenient and patented holster for vehicles to hold your phone and keep eyes on the road.

Here we have a business that is creating genuinely innovative products for transporting of our ubiquitous mobile devices: MobiValet™. Brand Shepherd was hired to refresh their brand identity, while keeping as much of the brand equity as possible, and then to refresh all consumer packaging touch points for their product line. In this first post (May 2013) we will showcase the brand identity and one product’s packaging, with additional packaging work to be shown in the near future as they launch yet another innovative product.

Brand Identity

We felt that the brand identity had charm and personality, but needed to be refreshed into something other than the awful use of Comic Sans. That font has become a meme unto itself, and the client did not need to mire itself in such a terrible font. We presented several font options that maintained the charm and personality, but didn’t feel too departed from the core brand equity. The client decided on a font, and we built everything afterward with their font choice. Using input from the client at every iteration, we arrived at the new brand identity presented here.

During the final stages of creative, we offered our opinion on what we believed to be the strongest brand identity from a standalone and on-shelf perspective. Our suggestion was kindly considered, but not chosen as the final brand identity.


The structures used for both products were provided to Brand Shepherd by the client, and these structures are striking in their construction! Use of magnetic closures, product viewing friendliness, and presentation as innovative as the products themselves. It was a pleasure just to be able to work on these structures.

Our goal was to communicate the core value propositions of the brand, let the visuals tell their story, and call out benefits that customers are not accustomed to with minimal text. We achieved this goal by working closely with the client, even growing their brand equity color palette to for special call-outs. The end result is packaging for each product that is sure to generate loads of interest and ultimately, sales.

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