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  • What They Do: MergeIn is a video chat app and platform for social media.

We love working alongside startups  there’s an energy and curiosity driving the process where the question of “what if?” influences every step. Cincinnati-based startup, MergeIn, is no different, and helping develop their brand was a thrill.

What is MergeIn?

Right now the state of broadcasting video from mobile devices is summed up in one word: monologues.

Every brand in this niche has the same basic product: Someone broadcasting themselves, and responding to live feed text messages from the live audience. It’s awkward, quite boring, and when a replay is watched, it’s a crapshoot as to whether or not the text comments will be seen. So we have a crowded group of products that allow people to awkwardly talk and interrupt themselves so they can answer a text comment that a viewer probably won’t see during replay.

Sounds terrible, right? Wrong. People love this stuff, yet we all know it’s an incomplete thought.

Enter MergeIn.

MergeIn allows for people to talk to actual people via video, and broadcast the conversation. If it’s your friend(s) broadcasting, and you want in on it, you ping the host to merge-in to the conversation.

A Strong Visual Identity

Startups know that their first audience is the investor, and investors need to see a developed visual brand, a complete thought.

Brand Shepherd worked alongside MergeIn founder Stephen Beckham to develop just the right visual identity for MergeIn.

Its use of color, movement, and the universal symbol for Play in video is all working together to give this brand the progressive visual appeal it needs.

Intuitive, Clean, and Simple UI

The rituals we need MergeIn users to do are natural for the Digital Native: they know how to make a call via video, they know social media, and so new products like MergeIn need to simply get out of the way and let people do what they will do intuitively

Yet our job was to design a UI that felt unique to MergeIn, while meeting the design challenges of both mobile and laptop/desktop settings. That’s a special thing about MergeIn: it’s device independent.

The UI we created solved every problem MergeIn faced. Everything from its simplicity, to areas for monetizing the platform were integrated into a powerfully clean and intuitive UI.

Time is of the essence for MergeIn. It’s inly a matter of time before the existing lot of apps in this category do what MergeIn does now, so it seems like a prime spot for an investor to help push this platform into its rightful prime time place, or leverage it for acquisition Feel free to contact Stephen for info on that.

The MergeIn brand is one we have enjoyed helping get off the ground, and hope for a bright future. It’s a product that is meant for this time in history.

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Assets
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Below are the mobile screen wireframes for MergeIn.

Below are the screens MergeIn users see as they are going live and having viewers merge-in to streams.

Below is the browser view of MergeIn.

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