Madeira Silverwood Presbyterian Church

  • Client: Madeira Silverwood Presbyterian Church
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  • What They Do: A Presbyterian church located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Branding A Church

Madeira-Silverwood Presbyterian Church (MSPC) is located in the quaint, family-friendly city of Madeira, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. The city is undergoing an influx of new families moving there for the great amenities and quality schools. As these new families take root in the community, longtime institutions like MSPC know they need to reflect who they are in the community – to both established and new residents. The church sits alongside a very busy road that travels directly through Madeira, and the facade of the church building is striking. It’s architecture that you remember – a local landmark that anyone in or around Madeira would know almost intuitively.

So when Brand Shepherd was hired to refresh the brand identity of MSPC, we explored some of the obvious treatments (crosses, doves, etc.), but those treatments are what thousands of nondescript churches use around the globe. With MSPC, we wanted to show the community that this church was uniquely part of the fabric of Madeira, Ohio, so we set our attention on the facade of the building.

As we crafted the church building’s facade, we discovered a gem that the original architect hid in plain sight: the facade of the church, the very entrance where people enter and exit, is an alter. Consider the doors as the alter’s legs and support, and the base above the doors as the alter table top. The cross is then set in back of it, while the frame of the roof uses extreme angles upward, giving the cross ascension, to help the viewer look up to God almighty. No one we spoke to at the church had heard the architect mention this outwardly, but we can say that it was a joy to discover his intentions, designer to designer.

The final identity is an icon of the church facade that anyone in or around Madeira will know. The typography we chose is also fitting for Madeira. It looks and feels like Madeira, and gives the church a brand voice that is totally appropriate to speak to the people of this great little community.

A Church Website That Isn’t Terrible

If a church is not a mega-church, most of the time the website for that church is terrible. The intention is not to make a terrible website, of course, but there it is. The typical non-mega-church website is not exactly something one wants to visit repeatedly. So we set out to change all that for MSPC.

Having created a great new logo, we moved our attention to the new website. In early conversations, the initial question was simply: Who will use this website (both visitor and staff), and realistically, how dedicated can staff be to providing new, on-going content?

Based on answers to those questions, we found the perfect WordPress theme, customized it, and then re-branded it for MSPC, focusing on the content and third party integrations for sermon audio. The result is a mobile-friendly website that has plenty of room for events, sermons, announcements, and more. It is anything but a typical church website.

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We worked with Brand Shepherd to revamp and relaunch our website, as well as work up a new logo and branding for our church. The experience was incredibly professional and really made an impact. The website is beautiful and all of the elements were so user friendly. the team was there for all of our questions even down the line and worked quickly to help us out in any capacity. I would definitely use their services again on future projects.

– Drew Hood, former minister of family and youth, MSPC

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